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July 03, 2020 4 min read

Thinking of purchasing CBD and not sure where to start? With a wealth of cannabidiol products on the market, selecting the right one can be overwhelming. Here, we dive into CBD softgel capsules; discussing benefits of taking CBD in this form and what to look for in a good product.

If you are new to CBD, we recommend you start with a briefhistory and overview on benefits. As more studies show the effects of regular cannabidiol use in human endocannabinoid system function, researchers continue to find positive outcomes suggesting the ability of CBD to help in areas such as sleep and  pain regulation, immune response, and appetite. Findings suggest CBD can deliver calming and anti-inflammatory benefits without the “high” effect associated with THC found in cannabis. ConsiderCBD might be a good addition to your health regimen if you experience anxiety, insomnia, age-related joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, or are looking to improve your overall wellbeing. 

What is a CBD Softgel? How does it compare to other CBD products? 

Like other pills and capsules, CBD softgels are swallowed whole with your drink of choice.Zen Essentials Hemp Full Spectrum Softgel Capsules offer a unique blend of full-spectrum CBD, hemp oil, and medium chain triglycerides (MCT) naturally derived from coconuts, all conveniently packaged in a soft gelatin capsule. Our lab-tested, 100% natural softgels will not make you high, and are available through easy online purchase for shipping across the US in all fifty states. 

While takingCBD as a tincture [link to CBD tinctures blog post_June 2020] has demonstrated a quicker delivery mechanism to the bloodstream – entering through membranes under the tongue and skipping your digestive system – many prefer the consistency and simplicity of a pre-measured, easily transportable softgel. If you’re always on the go, you can tuck a few capsules into a purse or bag for convenient supplementation. Some users find their palate or stomach is sensitive to CBD tinctures, whereas softgels offer a more pleasant dosing experience. There is no best way to take CBD. Your lifestyle and personal preferences should determine the product you choose, and we suggest you experiment to find what works best. 

Taking and Storing your CBD softgels

When and how often you take yourhemp full spectrum softgel capsule is up to you. If you find CBD invigorates and helps you through the day, you can take a pill in the morning. If you feel CBD has a more calming effect, you can opt to take it in the evening before bed. 

How much CBD to take will be different for everyone. Consider your size, method of consumption, and general needs when determining the correct dose for you. We recommend starting with one 25mg softgel at the same time each day and adjusting based on how you feel. It’s best to store your CBD softgels in a cool and dry area out of direct sunlight to prolong shelf life. 

Are all CBD capsules the same? 

Plant compounds and added ingredients in CBD products can widely vary between providers. You might hear terms such as “full spectrum”, “broad spectrum”, and “isolate”, and wonder what they mean and which is best. 

With a full spectrum softgel likeZen Essentials, complex phytochemicals found naturally in the hemp plant are harmoniously present in your capsule. Evidence suggests these compounds synergistically work together in optimal ways. Full spectrum CBD oil is less refined or denatured from its origin make-up, leaving a natural mix of cannabinoids, terpenes, and smaller compounds intact. 

Conversely, CBD isolate is a pure form of cannabidiol void of terpenes and other compounds at a rating of about 99 percent or higher. In some circumstances one might require a dose of pure cannabidiol in isolate form, though general preference leans toward a mix of plant compounds. Broad spectrum CBD is often seen as the middle range option – higher in CBD similar to isolate while retaining a small number of terpenes. A broad spectrum product might go through additional extractions beyond the CO2 method often used in producing full spectrum CBD or might be created by mixing a small batch of full spectrum oil with a larger batch of isolate. 

We recommend you review lab reports before investing in a CBD product to verify strength and quality of ingredients. Legitimate CBD providers will post lab results or at least make them available upon request. You can find reports for Zen Essentials lab-tested hemp full spectrum softgel capsules on ourproduct page.  

More questions? 

We at Zen Essentials CBD look forward to helping you select the right product for your needs. We are based in the greater Austin, Texas area and are available atinfo@zenessentialscbd.com or via ourContact page for questions. 

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